Important information about the country you are visiting and the area local to your hotel will simply serve to make your stay even more enjoyable at the Delta Sharm. Advice on currency, local temperatures, visa entry requirements and the expected time difference are just
a few of the facts listed below to ensure you are better prepared for the holiday of a lifetime…
Sharm el-Sheikh enjoys dry, moderate weather all year round. Average temperatures hit +37 °c in the summer and remain +26 °C
throughout the winter months. Real time weather update

The local currency is the Egyptian Pound (EGP). One EGP is divided into 100 piasters. Reference currency is the US Dollar (USD).

An entry visa is required for all nationalities. For more information on the type of visa you need to enter Egypt, please contact the
Egyptian representative office in your country.

Sharm El Sheikh is a truly international destination and although Arabic is the official language, English, French, Italian, German and
Russian are widely spoken.

Egypt time is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Egyptian daylight saving time lasts from May until October.


Main Public Holidays

Occasion Date Day Month Notes
Coptic Christmas Wednesday 7 January Official holiday
Prophet Birthday Monday  9 9 March Official holiday
Coptic Eastern  Sunday  19 April Coptic Christian holiday 
Sham El Nessim Monday 19 April Official holiday
Sinai Liberation Saturday  25 April Official holiday
Labor day May 1 April Official holiday
Revolution day Thursday  23 Thursday  Official holiday
Eid El- Fetr  Sunday - Tuesday  20-22 Tuesday  Official holiday
Armed Forces Day  Tuesday 6 October  Official holiday
Eid El-Adha Monday  27-30 Monday  Official holiday
Islamic New Year  Friday  18 December  Official holiday